Corfu Island Mon Repo

The all green property of Mon Repo, that is located in Palaiopoli were traces of the ancient town of Corfu “rest”, (8th century B.C.) stretches out on to 258 stremmas (258.000sq.mtrs) of dense vegetation and beautiful gardens.

On the property of Mon Repo, that is only 3km from the town of Corfu and that takes up the largest part of the hill of Analypseos, the English governor of the Ionian Islands Frederic Adam built his summer mansion in 1831 in favor of his beloved wife Nina Palatianou who was from Corfu, according to plans of the English architect Whitmore.

In 1864, after the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece, the municipality of Corfu provided the palace and its gardens to the dynasty of George A' in order for them to use it as a summer residence. King George A' was he who named it so vividly: Mon Repos (My rest).

At the palace, that has an unhindered view of the sea, the empress of Austria Elisabet was a guest, the legendary Sissy. Before she built, spellbound by Corfu, the Achelleo, while Philip Moundbaden was born here, the Duke of Edinburgh and the husband of the Queen of England Elisabet. Mon Repo was also chosen by Parini, the Italian political administrator of the Ionian islands as a summer residence during the Possession.

The royal dynasty exclusively owned the property and the palace until 1967. During the political change over it was returned to the municipality of Corfu yet then its new adventure begun when Konstantinos Glyksburg claimed it as his own personal property.

Court battles were completed after 1991, when justice decided that Mon Repo belongs to the people of Corfu. The decision that was made was assisted by the fact that the derelicts of old temples, the best saved, that according to archaeological evidence is believed to belong to Apollon and the oldest and largest, although very few elements are saved, of the Akraia Hra, as well as all the other marks that were left by time, since the time that within the property the palaiopoli extended, the ancient town of Corfu. It is worth noting that until 1991 access to the property for visitors was not allowed.

The elegant and impressive palace with the large openings is of colonial rhythm with intense Greek and neoclassical elements. It dominates in the center of the property and you reach it after passing the gate and walking down the wide footpaths, that are covered in white pebbles under the shadow of the green pine trees.

In the beautiful gardens there once use to be over 2.000 types of plants, gifts from European Royal family's.

Today the palace of Mon Repo houses the museum of Palaiopoli, as the municipality of Corfu has given it for 50 years to the Ministry of culture. Most of the renovation work had been completed in 1994 in order to indulge the European Summit that had been entertained that June in Greece, that practiced the semi-annual Presidency of the European Union.

You can reach Mon Repo by bus (KTEL) if you do not have a car as the transport is frequent from Corfu or by taxi since the distance from Corfu town is only three kilometers. At the entrance of Mon Repo you will find a taxi starting line for your return.

Mon Repo, area Vasili, Palaiopoli, Corfu

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